The Good Ship Friendship and the Baron from A Walk Through Salem

Where is the Friendship…Its not in the Harbor Anymore?

The Goodship Friendship and the Baron Munchausen from A Walk Through Salem by Chris DowginSecond star to the right, and straight on till morning was the last reported course for the good ship. Maybe if you look up in the sky you might see her sail by.

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Do You Know this Salem Local from the Salem Trilogy?

Can you guess his name?

The Dream bagger from A walk Through Salem Illustrated by Chris Dowgin published by Salem House Press.

He has played harmonica from Lynn MA to San Francisco CA! The famous sideman to Sweet Pie the extraordinary Boogie Woogie player who plays in the buff. Author of Poems and Songs  and the upcoming book The Bay of Illusions. Once owner of Critical Path Software and journalist for the Salem Patch. Can you guess his name. Place your guesses in the comments below.

He appears in all three books in the Salem Trilogy as the Congress Street Dream Bagger. Start your journey by reading the first book in the trilogy called A Walk Through Salem now in its second edition at Barnes & Noble and on

Where is This In Salem?

Illustration from A Walk Through Salem available at Barnes & Noble, Remember Salem at 127 Essex Street Salem, and The magical whimsical fairy tale set in Salem where you are the main character and anything can happen. Flying fish, churches steeples that turn into rocket ships, Vikings storming Dead Horse Beach, and tall ships dropping anchor at parking meters on Derby Street.


Vikings stormin Dead Horse Beach in Salem from A walk Through Salem